We streamline cross-facility transfers in the healthcare space.

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Our focus is on healthcare because……….

We’ve seen and experienced the inefficiencies of antiquated medical supply systems. We believe that the technology innovations created within the last 3-5 years surrounding autonomous delivery, location traceability, and ischemic health monitoring create a pivotal opportunity to improve the supply chain components of healthcare systems.

Autonomous Delivery

As technology continues to develop around autonomous delivery solutions and urban air mobility, we feel that this technology should be focused and prioritized for implementation in healthcare supply chains.

The efficiencies of middle-mile and last-mile point-to-point delivery solutions will revolutionize the impact of time-sensitive medical material movements. Control of custody, material safety, and operating efficiencies are inherent to the reduction of human factors in the loop with robotic implementations.

Middle-Mile Delivery Solutions

Last-Mile Delivery Solutions

Lifeline Software

The addition of product traceability compounds on the above improvements when these supply chain networks are established with a robust and reliable software framework. The lifeline logistics network software provides a seamless User Interface allowing medical delivery requests to be made with accuracy and minimal effort.

Through this application, persistent and accurate position updates of the deliveries will be distributed to all relevant supply chain partners. The program depicts progression status, time to completion, and other logistics details.

Schedule Deliveries

Material Status Monitoring

End-to-End Tracking

Supply Chain Infrastructure

Again, building on the advancements of autonomous delivery  networks, Lifeline Logistics offers standardized infrastructure components that support flexibility and progressive improvements when new technologies are available for integration.

Lifeline Packages

Lifeline Package Interfaces

Lifeline Receptacles

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