Meet the team behind Lifeline Logistics

A brief history of our genesis

Lifeline Logistics was born out of a conversation surrounding how autonomous vehicles offer a unique alternative to supply chain disruption from an ecological, efficiency, and transparency perspective.

In April 2020, we began researching a variety of industry sectors, assessing current infrastructures, general levels of organization, available data-tracking technology within the space, and even looking at which combinations benefit the health of humanity and planet Earth, ultimately landing on “health care” as our starting point.

When looking at the healthcare field, one thinks of inflated costs, waits and delays, lack of navigation support, and ultimately a web of confusion and uncertainty. We felt compelled to direct our intellect and ingenuity to serving patients of specialty programs – such as those in need of cancer care and organ transplantation – to bring about a positive impact.

Today, we offer consulting services, bridging the gap between hospitals and innovative logistics technologies, focused around autonomy and traceability. As far as the future, we’re planning so much more…

healthcare drone delivery

Sam Denvir


With over a decade of uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) integration and flight operations experience, Sam has been working with organizations to apply innovative new technologies for a myriad of commercial applications. In the height of the pandemic, when vulnerabilities of healthcare supply chains were compounded, Sam realized the value that robotic and autonomous solutions could provide when people are unavailable. From that, he made it a mission to find ways that robotic system implementation and augmentation could support healthcare supply chains, providing a more resilient future.

Aaron Weston


Aaron has 10+ years of experience in the health care field, specifically hospital operations, with his career primarily focused on process design, operational leadership, quality systems, data logistics, contracting, and strategy development.

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